About Us

About Hunter Angels

  Assisting innovative enterprises in The Hunter Region to become successful and sustainable

Located in Newcastle, Hunter Angels is a group of angel investors who invest in early-stage innovative enterprises with a proven product and a need for capital to fund expansion. Our objective is to help talented entrepreneurs build lasting businesses of significant value and to participate as active investors. Our primary goal is to promote the growth of local emerging enterprises through our investments and to provide a good return for investors. We facilitate this by mentoring those entrepreneurs in whose businesses we invest (our Investees). We sometimes serve on their boards, provide contacts and assist with strategic planning.


Our collective experience spans many aspects of growing successful enterprises, from the formative stages through to the management of large enterprises. Hunter Angels look to leverage our experience and competencies through careful investing and by providing our Investees with mentoring in marketing, business development, operations, finance, engineering and management.

Since we are a diverse group, we do not focus solely on one industry. Rather, we look for companies that are in the early stage of rolling out a unique (preferably proven) product or concept.