Do you have a great idea or product?

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Are we looking for you?

If you are someone with a great idea, we want to hear from you.

Since we are a diverse group, we do not focus solely on one industry. Rather, we look for enterprises that are in the early stage of rolling out a unique (preferably proven) product or concept that has the capacity to create a strong market demand throughout Australia and hopefully internationally.

Hunter Angels do not normally invest in Seed Stage companies. We might invest in start-up stage but more likely at first stage and beyond.

Hunter Angels meet on a regular basis to view presentations from companies that have been selected from the various applications we receive.

Read our investment criteria and funding process and if you are ready for investment, please fill in and submit an application.


Hunter Angels do not invest in Seed Stage companies. We might invest at Start-Up Stage but more likely at First Stage and beyond.

Our Investment Criteria

Before making contact please check our investment criteria:

  1. Your idea, product or service provides a solution to a real problem or issue in the market. Ideal if the selling proposition is driven by regulation or standards.

  2. The business has a large market potential and a lucrative niche.

  3. The business is operating with cash flow.

  4. A rigorous and well researched business plan is essential.

  5. The CEO or driver is critically important and must satisfy us on:

    • market knowledge and market focus;

    • the ability to move beyond current comfort zone;

    • high credibility & specific industry experience;

    • excellent communication skills, including listening skills; and

    • willingness to accept advice

  6. Verification and ownership of IP is essential.

  7. The business is within driving distance.